VOD market size is 530.5 billion yen in Japan in 2022 (up 15.0% YoY), expanding to 748.7 billion yen by 2027.

Tokyo, February 17th, 2023 - GEM Partners has published a report called “The 5 year forecast (2023-2027) of Video On Demand (VOD) market”. The report includes predicted values for the market size from 2023 to 2027 under three scenarios and the estimates of the video on demand (VOD) market size/share in 2022. From this report, we are pleased to report some remarkable findings.

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Changes and Forecasts for the VOD Market size in Japan

In 2022, the Japanese VOD market size is estimated at 530.5 billion yen (+15.0% YoY) and continues to expand.

We estimated that the overall VOD (total of SVOD, TVOD, and EST) market size in Japan in 2022 was 530.5 billion yen. This is an increase of 15.0% from the previous year. The value is an estimate of the amount paid by consumers to these VOD service providers during the year and does not include advertising revenues, etc.

Compared to 2019, before COVID-19, the market size in 2022 increased by 81.4%, nearly doubling in size. Looking at the growth rate for each year, the market grew 32.5% YoY in 2020 due to demand for nesting caused by COVID-19, 19.0% YoY in 2021 due to a rebound from the anticipation of demand, and 15.0% YoY in 2022, indicating that the market continues to grow at a slower pace. The market continues to expand.

The Market size in 2027 is expected to reach 748.7 billion yen in the base scenario

The report estimates the growth speed of the overall VOD market through 2027 under three scenarios: "base," "optimistic," and "pessimistic," based on the results of a consumer survey conducted by GEM Partners, the past VOD penetration in Japan and the United States, the ratio of the DVD/BD market and video distribution in the overall video home entertainment market, and the impact of COVID-19.

The forecast figures for 2027 in this release are based on the "base" scenario, which considers the rapid market growth during COVID-19 in "2019-2020" as "special demand growth" and assumes that moderate growth will continue in the future as a reaction to the rapid growth, and using the year-on-year growth rate of the US market from "2020 to 2022," We made a forecast for the Japanese VOD market. Based on this assumption, the market is projected to expand to 748.7 billion yen by 2027.

The DVD/BD market is projected to continue shrinking, but the VOD market is expected to expand at a faster pace than the DVD/BD market, and the total size of the video market, including DVD/BD and VOD, is forecast to grow toward 2027 in the "base" scenario.

The report estimates the overall VOD market size forecast to 2027, by SVOD, TVOD, and EST, with "base," "optimistic," and "pessimistic" scenarios. The report also includes market size and share by service in 2022 for SVOD, TVOD, and EST. Furthermore, the above estimation logic is described in detail so that the estimation method can be confirmed.

More details on the report can be found here. Report Details / Purchasing Inquiries

Report specification
Product name: “The 5 year forecast (2023-2027) of Video On Demand (VOD) market” report
Published Date: February 17, 2023
Language: English / Japanese
Deliverable Option: Report (PDF), Aggregate data(Excel)
The total number of pages: 26 pages

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